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Man With Muscular Body What Women Think About It

Pictures of muscular and macho men. A Korean beauty with muscle and OMG... Just look at these pictures see what are the thought that go through your mind.

Muscular Body Is Every Man's Desire

Ever since I was a boy, having a muscular body is something that I can be proud of. I would volunteer to pick up things. Especially the heavy ones.

This post is not about health or muscle building. But just to share some pictures of a beautiful or you can say awesome human body. It is a perfect bio-engineering. A magnificient creation - click here to see a video.

This is part of a category in this blog dedicated to pictures. Let the readers wonder in their own mind by what they see in the pictures.

You can see all these similar posts with under the category of "LessWord." The content ranges from scenery, vegetation, funny moments, flowers, fields and so on.

This first post under this category is for muscular body and a few of beauties too. The few pictures is hoped to tease your brain a little bit into imagination. Wild or not... you control it. Eh?

As a man... yeah... man's mind is all the time (well, almost) about woman. Their body, their problem, what they want, what to bring home, where to dine, and of course for those who has a lady boss.

Does a lady boss giggle? Or they just google? 

What actually is in a woman's mind seeing these macho men? 

Any one?

So... enjoy what you see. Appreciate if you could share your thought in the comments section. Please share it too if you think this is something worth sharing. Thank you.

What's in your mind man? Oh... shut up.
Google images accidentally appeared, so download it.

O-wow... what a shape. Source: Fazlina Zahari FB.

Yeon Woo Jhi.  APS athlete & Pro Physique. APS Nuitrition.

Image from screen shot of a game pop-up ads. Attracting gamers.
What's inside? Only those who go in and play know what's inside.
World body building champion Bantamweight
Datuk Sazali Abdul Samad -
O la la ... my mom is so busy with her facebook and Instagram.
I am a good boy... sure I can help mom. Source: Jiwa eman FB.
What a beauty eh? Yeon Woo Jhi.  APS athlete & Pro Physique.
APS Nuitrition.
Source: Muscle Building Secrets FAST Facebook.
Source: Muscle Building Secrets FAST Facebook.

Source: Muscle Building Secrets FAST Facebook.
Hey ladies... what's in your mind?
OMG... don't know what to say. Source: Ottoman Ibnu Othman
Oh yeah... you don't necessarily have to go to gym to have an awesome shape.
Source: Erbil ( Hawler) Governorate

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